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Salt Baths

I’ve talked about how important salt baths are to me before, but it has been a while, so I thought I would reiterate and add to my preachings.


Epsom and Sea salt baths have many benefits scientifically  proven. It replenishes your magnesium levels which helps your enzymes work and eliminate toxins, prevents inflection, inflammation, relaxes your muscles, all this super good stuff for you. Google…

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My Dream Jobs

It’s hard to actually make time for work while I’m in graduate school. I feel that with my set of early hours for work, I spend the rest of my time focusing on recharging myself. I’ve come up with a random list of dream jobs that I wish I could be doing and making lots of money with in order to focus more on school and myself. Hey, it’s called a dream job for a reason, right?


1. Katy Perry’s…

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September Favorites :)

Hello Lovelies! I know it’s been so long since my last post. I have started grad school and been dealing with all new forms of torture to my body by the ultimate enemy- stress. Now that I finished a bunch of projects that were due, I finally have time to share MY SEPTEMBER FAVES!


Cargo HD Picture-Perfect Mascara

Another great Ipsy gift bag product I got to try. This stuff is like Benefit’s…

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In’s & Out’s

In’s & Out’s

Welp, I’ve been in graduate school for less than 1 week and I’m already super overwhelmed not only with the workload, but with financial stress as well. I’m about halfway through reading the 100 pages of boring research articles  I had set out for today and realized that I have not blogged in quite some time. I decided to utilize my little break to give an update.


- Nate’s birthday month!…

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New Favorite Lip Gloss | NYX’s “Merengue Merengue”

New Favorite Lip Gloss | NYX’s “Merengue Merengue”


I received a few NYX butter glosses in my IPSY goodies and the shade “Meregue Merengue” has gotten so many compliments that I had to post about it! It’s the perfect light purpley pink to look unique but not completely turn heads. I think it looks great with a tan (in this picture I’m not wearing any makeup- hence the extreme paleness.) The formula is pretty opaque, so I just have to make…

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The “Grad School Budget”

The “Grad School Budget”

I decided to blog my feelings as they come, so forgive me if this sounds like I’m not making any sense.. I’ve been prepped for “the college budget” earlier on, but no one ever warned me about “the grad school budget.” It’s like the world is saying “Sorry, you won’t have enough time for a full-time job what with all of the classes, homework, and internships, so welcome back to your high school…

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